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How is property divided during a divorce?

Property division is a major concern in most divorces. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement in place - and neither party is planning on challenging it - you're probably wondering what you're entitled to and how to increase your chances of getting a good settlement. Understanding how the Pennsylvania family courts handle asset division can help you prepare for the months to come and alleviate some anxiety.

The difference between personal and marital property

How to avoid custody disputes over summer break

Summer is almost here, school is coming to an end, and that means major schedule changes for divorced parents. Any time parenting schedules move from the norm, communication issues can arise and increase tension. Even parents who have positive coparenting relationships with their exes can experience some hiccups in the summer months.

Conflicts generally arise in one or more of these key areas:

Resolving disputes about religious upbringing

With Easter around the corner, it's an exciting time of year for children and adults alike-preparing for family gatherings and shopping for items to fill Easter baskets top lists in many households. For parents who are divorced, separated, or no longer living with their child's other parent, and observe different religions, though, religious holidays can cause disagreements to arise.

Prepare for disagreements

Disagreements regarding religious upbringing, as well as how children celebrate each elapsing holiday, are not uncommon. As religious holidays approach, many separated or divorced parents feel stress, rather than excitement, knowing a fight with their child's other parent is inevitable. However, there is a way to avoid, or reduce, fighting.

Divorce: A New Year, A Fresh Start

Many people put off divorce until after the holidays. Now that the New Year is here, it's time to take the first step. Here are 4 things you can do to prepare for your divorce, and start the New Year out right:

#1: Get your financial information in order

  • If you and your spouse have joint bank accounts, now is the time to start developing a separate financial life. Open a new checking and savings account and start in your name only. Start having your paychecks directed to these new, separate, accounts.
  • If you open new credit cards, make sure they are in your name only.

Avoiding Custody And Visitation Disputes During The Holidays

The holiday season is an exciting - but busy - time of year. Holiday parties, shopping for gifts and school break can make anyone feel overwhelmed. For separated or divorced parents, navigating holiday custody schedules adds an extra layer of stress.

Parents often disagree over where children will spend each holiday and the types of gifts their children receive. Add in the extra stress of the season and knowledge that you may not be able to spend every holiday with your child and it's easy for disputes to erupt.

Getting Through Parent-Teacher Conferences With Your Ex

When a marriage ends, exes rarely want to continue seeing each other. However, when children are involved cutting ties is not an option.

You may even have a detailed custody arrangement that carefully lays out who gets this week, who gets what holiday and who will attend which school events so you only have to see your ex briefly at pick-up and drop-off. However, there will still be times when you and your ex need to come together.

How Will Divorce Impact My Relationship With My Children?

What will happen to my kids? During a divorce, this is the question on most parents' minds. There is a lot of misinformation about custody and parental rights. Here is what you need to know.

There are two types of custody: physical and legal.

Physical custody refers to where your child lives. Legal custody concerns each parent's right to make decisions about their children's health, education, religion and general welfare.